Spencerian Practice Pad

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P34. Michael Sull's Spencerian Guide sheet Practice Tablet

Specially designed guide sheets for writing Spencerian Script. Excellent for practice work. Features the correct slant lines (for the proper letter-angle slant) and lines for the lowercase letter body heights (x-height) and for ascenders (such as l & k) and descenders (such as j & y) . There are two different pads with different x-heights so you can practice larger and smaller writing. (Beginners start with larger writing.) Includes 4 pages of instruction.

8.5"x11". Approx. 50 sheets. 4-page instruction sheet.

Specify Large (1/8", 3mm) or Small x-height (3/32", 2mm).
Combo contains approx. 20 sheets of each size: Large (1/8", 3mm) & Small x-height (3/32", 2mm).

McCaffery's Penman Ink (Black) is the best ink to use with this practice pack.

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expected a little more
Feb 3, 2022  |  By bob therrien
sorry to say that this paper bleeds with...what i thought was non-bleeding ink...for practice i use daniel smith walnut ink, and i was surprised that it bled on this paper....this walnut ink does not bleed on the john neal grid paper...just saying...i have michael sull's books and his dvd, and i'm a fan but the paper is a bit too thin and bleeds...
Owner Response: The various Michael Sull practice pads/packs work best with McCaffrey's Penman Ink.