Spencerian Script & Ornamental Penmanship, V1 / Sull

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B4174. Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, Volume One by Michael Sull. (1989) 2019. 218pp + three guideline sheets. 8.25"x11". Spiral-bound.

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This instructional manual, written by world-renowned master penman Michael Sull, is available again in a black-and-white reprint. It provides thorough instruction in Spencerian Script, covering equipment and tools and providing letter-by-letter instruction for lowercase and capital letters, over seventy-five fully illustrated pages. Sull also discusses early penmanship in America, the advent of the steel pen, and the development of the Spencerian System of penmanship by Platt Rogers Spencer and the Palmer system of handwriting that followed. You learn of the styles of penmanship: Spencerian Script, Ornamental Penmanship, Signature Writing, and Business Writing, as well as a number of novelty scripts. In addition, there is a chapter on the Golden Age of Penmanship that presents the master penman of the past, starting with P.R. Spencer and his descendants and including a penman's hall of fame that includes, Bloser, Luper, Madarasz, and Zaner.

Chapters: Penmanship in a New Land, Styles of Penmanship, Equipment and Tools, Technique, The Lowercase Letters, The Capital Letters, Signature Writing, The Golden Age of Ornamental Penmanship
Appendices: Patent for Mordan & Brockendon's Oblique Penholder Design, The Poetry of Platt Rogers Spencer, Frances B. Courtney's "Lessons in Dashy Writing"
Biographical Profiles: Paul H. O'Hara, Isaac Weldon Bullock, David P. Fairbanks, Michael Sull

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