Sundials: Cutting Time / King & Cardozo Kindersley

Item Code: B4347


B4347. Sundials: Cutting Time by Frank King and Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley. 2019. 140pp. 4.8"x7". Paper

Sundials: Cutting Time explores both the science and art of creating sundials in stone. Dr Frank King, Chairman of the British Sundial Society, walks you through a brief history of time-reckoning and explains the calculations behind different types of sundials in detailed -- yet easy to understand -- terms, supported by a glossary. Lida Kindersley then takes you through the delicate process of creating a sundial -- from calculation, design, and cutting to its precise installation.

Twenty-seven Kindersley dials dating from 1938 to the present day are illustrated, their design and workings explained. Well-known public sundials are represented, including the unusual 'noon mark' sundial above Paternoster Square beside St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
The final sundial is yours to keep, complete with a guide to its use, and the book itself forms a gnomon. You will find the hand-drawn stereographic dial printed in the end-flap of the book, ready to tell you the time.

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