Technique of Raised Gilding (CD PDF Book)

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The Technique of Raised Gilding
By Jerry Tresser. 2006. 72pp. CD in PDF format.

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This practical gilding manual provides a scientific and historical analysis of the materials and techniques for
raised gilding with gesso and provides step by step instructions. Tresser approaches gilding as chemist to demystify the craft process and help you to be consistently successful. Provides an in-depth discussion of the preparation and application of the gesso. CD includes color photos, not in the original printed edition. (You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free downloadable program, to view/print the book.)

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Marvelous, much-needed
Dec 31, 2019  |  By David Ragan
I, like many others, have been aggravated over the capricious behavior of medieval-recipe gesso, follow whoever's direction you like, it's hit and miss proposition. Until now (or 1992, the year of publishing). Tresser gives a complete history to the story of raised gilding/gesso, w explanations of the contributions of Cennini, William Morris, Graily Hewitt, et al. I would call Jerry a forensic chemist. Ceninni's work is the basis for successful raised gilding-Mr. Tresser's contribution is to provide details that may have been understood in Ceninni's time, but are not in the surviving material that we have today-thus, sub-par gesso, and the influence of the weather/humidity, and questions re: whether medieval eggs are different than today's. He also greatly simplifies how to slake plaster, make and use glair, and some information on dyeing vellum, hide glue, etc. The details the author provide (including explanatory photomicrographs) enable one to make historically accurate gesso for raised gilding which will stand up to sanding and determined polishing and burnishing, to give the brilliance and stability it was intended to. A great book, worth every penny

Tresser raised gilding book review
Jan 23, 2020  |  By Victor
I used the book (pgf) to explore just how to use/make gesso in its traditional form and ingredients. I tried synthetic size but just could not achieve the control or results I had in mind. Could not burnish or sand the gesso prior to the application of gold. Following the very detailed instructions on mixing and ingredients outlined in Mr. Tresser's book, I was able to make and use my own gesso. Could not be happier. In addition, Mr. Tresser took time to answer any questions I had to ensure my first attempt at gesso was successful. Who does that now a days. A well written and detailed book worth the price and then some to any person the may want to explore gesso and gilding. Lastly, Mr. Tresser has a product line of sizes , gum ammoniac, illuminations bole and "the pick stuff," all adhesives which I have used for flat calligraphy gilding. Great stuff. Jerry Tresser has a website for additional products not found at John Neal bookseller.. check it out