Tresser's Bole-based Raising Preparation

Item Code: S926


S926. Tresser's Bole-based Raising Preparation.

Tresser's Bole-based Raising Preparation is an easy-to-use and versatile base for gilding. Use it straight out of the jar: just stir and apply with a brush. It flows exceptionally well. There is no need to dilute; use it full-strength. It's a ready-to-use painting medium. It will maintain its tack well beyond a 24-hour period. You activate the tack with a warm breath through a breathing tube (such as a large-diameter straw). You can burnish directly with either a dogtooth or a lipstick-shape agate burnisher. For a beautiful matte finish, apply gold to the brushed-on Bole (letting the bole dry first). For a smoother finish, you can polish the Bole prior to applying the gold. If you want your gilding raised higher, you can seamlessly add a second layer of the Bole for the added thickness (let the first layer dry before adding more Bole). You can also add a second layer of gold leaf to the gold that has been already been applied to the Bole. It just requires minimum breathing through the tube. Patent gold works best because of its ease in handling. However, loose leaf works fine and is the only option for some shades/kinds of gold leaf and other precious metal leaf, such as white gold, glass gold, and Palladium leaf. The natural ingredients are earthy clay, gum from the Acacia tree, bovine glue, and water. This gilding surface has been used for many centuries in Europe, particularly in the eastern areas. It does not require any refrigeration for storage. ½ oz plastic jar.

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