Turned Oblique Holder With Rose Gold Flange

Item Code: H144


H144. Turned Oblique Holder With Rose Gold Flange

These beautiful, turned-wood holders have a special rose-gold colored metal flange to hold the nib. They are ideal for Copperplate, Spencerian, and other pointed pen scripts. Choose from three styles.

The Ornamental Wood Holder has intricate ornamental turnings inspired by those on the Century Penholders. Color of holder varies.
The Ebony Wood Holder has the same design as the Ornamental version but is made out of a very dark (almost black) African hardwood. This version is slightly heavier than the other versions.
The Zanerian Wood Holder is made using the same wood (and colors) as the Ornamental version. The Zanerian design is a very slim shaft with a small finial on the tip.

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