Walnut Drawing Ink: 10 oz

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Tom Norton's Walnut (Color) Ink
Approx. 10 oz. (290ml)

A rich sepia ink. Thin with water to create a wash. For
brush or dip pen. Already liquid. Non-waterproof (but not suitable for fountain pens).

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Some of my best work ever
Jan 19, 2013  |  By Malian Lahey
This ink just releases my intuitive side. I do automatic drawing with it that always ends up astounding me with images and memories I would not have intentionally drawn, but that have a greater meaning than I would ever have attributed to them.

I'm nuts about this ink!
Mar 6, 2014  |  By Erica MPhee
This is a wonderful walnut ink that flows so nicely. It produces a beautiful hairline and I love the shade it creates in the lettering. This is my "go-to" ink!