Winsor Newton Calligraphy Ink (Blue Caps)

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I59. Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks (Blue Caps).

If you are looking for colored calligraphy inks for your fountain pens, try these non-clogging, pigmented inks both for dip and fountain pen use. They are suitable for dip, fountain pen, and brush. Unlike dye-based fountain pen inks, these are more opaque, more brilliant and more lightfast. Since they are pigmented, you can mix the colors. The first six colors are a double primary palette, for mixing clean colors. 30ml bottle.

Colors: Lemon Yellow, Winsor Yellow, Scarlet, Crimson, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Leaf Green, Green, Indian Red, Sepia, Black, Yellow Ochre, Blue-Black, Violet.

See item I60 for White, Silver, Gold, and Matte Black WN Calligraphy Ink

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Winsor Newton Yellow Ochre
Feb 24, 2020  |  By Kristi Lyons
I have discovered this to be a gem. It looks dull in the bottle, but it is brilliant on paper! It also flows well with my dip pens, and can be combined with Bister inks for interesting effects.

Great Service
Jul 26, 2022  |  By Sheila Ealden
I have received good, prompt service every time I have ordered from John Neal Books.