Winsor Newton Calligraphy Ink (Blue Caps)

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I59. Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks (Blue Caps).

If you are looking for colored calligraphy inks for your fountain pens, try these non-clogging, pigmented inks both for dip and fountain pen use. They are suitable for dip, fountain pen, and brush. Unlike dye-based fountain pen inks, these are more opaque, more brilliant and more lightfast. Since they are pigmented, you can mix the colors. The first six colors are a double primary palette, for mixing clean colors. 30ml bottle.

Colors: Lemon Yellow, Winsor Yellow, Scarlet, Crimson, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Leaf Green, Green, Indian Red, Sepia, Black, Yellow Ochre, Blue-Black, Violet.

See item I60 for White, Silver, Gold, and Matte Black WN Calligraphy Ink

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Winsor Newton Yellow Ochre
Feb 24, 2020  |  By Kristi Lyons
I have discovered this to be a gem. It looks dull in the bottle, but it is brilliant on paper! It also flows well with my dip pens, and can be combined with Bister inks for interesting effects.