W&N Gum Arabic: 2.5oz

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Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic.

Add this binder in gouache to make it more durable and easier to erase pencil guidelines. Add several drops to a bottle of Higgins Eternal for copperplate writing. 2.5oz (75ml) glass bottle.

I have worked with metallic gouaches for many years. I always add a little more gum Arabic if there are going to be lines to erase, then allow the writing to cure for several hours before erasing. A white vinyl eraser is the gentlest choice for erasing guideline. I avoid guidelines if possible via a light box. -- Don King

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It's Like a Miracle
May 30, 2022  |  By Louise C. Radanovich
This W & N Liquid Gum Arabic works like a charm. A few drops into 3 ml vials of fountain pen ink makes it just right for quills or steel dip pens. No clumping as occasionally with the powdered form. I'm so glad I finally decided to try it!

W & N Liquid Gum Arabic
Nov 17, 2022  |  By Louise C. Radanovich
I make a lot of ink vials for children in quill pen workshops. Recently switched from powdered to liquid, and I'm so happy I did. No shaking, no clumping. I recently added a few drops to an annoyingly dry ink for my own use--smoothed it right out. Very happy with this purchase.