W&N Gouache Series 3

Item Code: WNG3


WNG3. Winsor & Newton Series 3.
14ml Tubes.

Winsor & Newton produces the highest quality artist's paint. Gouache is priced by the color (based on the pigment's price). See WNG1, WNG2, WNG4 for other colors of Winsor & Newton gouache. For larger sizes (37ml) of Ivory Black, Jet Black, Lamp Black, and Permanent White, see WNGLG

Choose color: Brilliant Yellow (Limited Stock), Gold, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Perylene Black, Perylene Maroon, Quinacridone Magenta, Silver, Viridian, Winsor Blue, Winsor Green, Winsor Red, Winsor Violet

Review: Winsor & Newton Gouache for Calligraphy
-- An excellent gouache for broad-pen calligraphy (Italic, Blackletter, Gothic, Uncial, Roman Capitals) and pointed pen script (Copperplate, Engrossers, Spencerian, Modern Calligraphy)
-- Excellent for brush lettering (try Nicker Poster Paints for a ready-to-use medium for brush lettering).
-- Very opaque when used for calligraphy. Good choice for colored papers.
-- Colors are wonderfully rich when dry.
-- May take a bit more water to get to writing consistency than other gouaches.
-- Takes 3-4 minutes to dry; an envelope drying rack is helpful.
-- Dries to a matte finish; dry color is vibrant; wet color is close to dry color on paper.
-- Very wide range of colors, each priced by pigment. Lightfastness indicated.
-- For color mixing, primary sets are available:
WNG-HC1. Single Primary Set: Primary Red, Primary Blue, Primary Yellow, Ivory Black, Zinc White
WNGDP-S. Double Primary Set: with white plus a warm and cool each of red, blue and yellow.
WNGPDP-S. Permanent Double Primary Set with lightfast colors.
-- True Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Blue are available.
-- Gouache can dry on the pen during your project. Every so often you may need to rinse off the pen.
-- Gouache is not water resistant. When it is needed, apply a fixative such as Spectrafix after gouache is completely dry.
-- Easy to clean from nib with water.

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