W&N Gouache: Permanent Double Primary Set

Item Code: WNGPDP-S
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WNGPDP-S. Winsor & Newton Gouache: Permanent Double Primary Set.
Set of seven 14ml tubes: white plus a warm and cool each of red, blue and yellow.

Permanent Alizarin Crimson (cool red)
Cadmium Red (warm red)
Cadmium Yellow Pale (warm yellow)
Lemon Yellow (cool yellow)
Cerulean Blue (cool blue)
Ultramarine Blue (warm blue)
Zinc White

Sheila Waters teaches color mixing using a double primary set: a warm and cool of each of red, blue and yellow. With the six primaries you can mix brighter colors. (a) The cool yellow tends toward green. The cool blue tends toward green. These two are used for mixing all the colors between yellow and blue. This includes all of the greens, greenish yellows such as chartreuse, and greenish blues such as teal. (b) The warm red tends toward orange. The warm yellow tends toward orange. These two are used for mixing all the colors between yellow and red (oranges and all orange-reds and orange-yellows). (c) The warm blue tends toward purple and is mixed with the warm red for the purplish colors. Winsor & Newton is our most popular gouache and is highly recommended. It is excellent for calligraphy.

For a lower priced Double Primary Set, purchase WNGDP-S. It contains a similar palette of warm and cool colors, but the pigments are less permanent when exposed to light. The colors are not exactly the same, but they mix in a similar fashion. All of these colors are fine for work inside of books/journals, for learning color mixing, and for envelope work, but they are not recommended for items that will hang on the wall.

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