Ziller Metallic Ink

Item Code: I155


I155. Ziller Metallic Ink

Ziller has always been a popular ink, and they are now offering metallic colors. Both are very bright and look as good on white paper as on black, and flow well through dip nibs. Stir frequently for best results. 1-ounce glass jar.

Pigmented, lightfast, waterproof (acrylic) for dip pens (pointed & broad edge) & brushes. Stir well before using. Dip nib or brush in ink, wipe off excess ink on jar edge or shake pen. Thin ink with distilled water. Intermixable to create other colors. Clean up pen with Ziller Pen Cleaner, which is specially formulated for pigmented, acrylic inks and has better success than other pen cleaners. Glass jars.1oz.

Choose color:
Aspen Gold is a warm gold that can be mixed with Ziller Ivory to create a champagne gold.

Sterling Silver ink is very bright and looks as good on white paper as on black.

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