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Letter Arts Review and Bound & Lettered can serve as valuable resources for both you and your students!

Internationally recognized as the preeminent magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists, Letter Arts Review serves all levels, from beginners to the more accomplished, by consistently providing inspiration, instruction, and information. Featuring outstanding color reproductions, informative articles, and considered commentary, this quarterly publication consistently reflects the highest caliber of work from every corner of the world.

This quarterly magazine provides practical information on bookbinding, calligraphy, artists' books, and papercraft. Bound & Lettered (formerly Tabellae Ansatae) features how-to articles with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, artist galleries featuring the works of accomplished calligraphers & books artists, useful articles on tools & materials, and book & exhibit reviews. A great tool for teaching and learning!

Take advantage of this great deal for subscriptions for students to Letter Arts Review and Bound & Lettered. Your discount is based upon the quantity of the subscriptions.

Letter Arts Review subscription retails for $48.00
    For an order of 5: $43.20/subscription – a $4.80 savings per subscription
    For an order of 10: $39.95/subscription – a $8.05 savings per subscription

Bound & Lettered subscription retails for $26.00
    For an order of 5: $22.95/subscription – a $3.05 savings per subscription
    For an order of 10: $19.95/subscription – a $6.05 savings per subscription

We’re happy to extend these savings to any combination of subscriptions. For example, to reach the 10 subscriptions level of savings, you may order 4 of Letter Arts Review and 6 of Bound & Lettered.
    4 of LAR @ $39.95
    6 of B&L @ $19.95
    Total:  $ 279.50 for a savings of $68.50

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We would love to supply your class with the books and supplies needed.By purchasing your class books and supplies from John Neal, Bookseller, you can deal with a supplier who understands your calligraphy and bookbinding needs. A supplier who understands the special needs of those dedicated individuals – like you – who are teaching others their art and craft. A supplier who has been helping teachers like you for nearly 20 years.

Generally, the terms are a 10% discount, $8.00 flat-rate shipping (USA only), and 30 days to collect money from your students. (The first teacher order is always pre-paid.) You only have to order at least 6 of one or more items and have a minimum item total of $60 to qualify for the 10 percent discount and $8 shipping. Personal items can be added to your qualified class order, and those items receive the 10% discount as well.

Advantages to ordering books and supplies for your students from John Neal, Bookseller:

* You get all your supplies from one source, delivered to your door. (We can often special order art supplies not listed in our catalog.) It saves you and your students valuable time.

* Your students will appreciate not having to drive around endlessly to find the materials. Learning a new craft is fun, but driving around town searching for materials – which they may not even find – is not.

* Your students will be using identical materials and they each have all the supplies they need for the first class. Your teaching job is simplified.

* You have only to order 6 of any item, with a minimum total of $60 to qualify for the 10% discount and $8 shipping. Unless otherwise specified, our teacher quantity discounts are off the quantity price, not off the individual price. Unless otherwise specified, this 10% discount also applies to sale prices. We reserve the right to NOT back order items on class orders. Canadian and foreign orders pay actual cost shipping.
Some teachers sell the materials at list price and keep the discount as compensation for their efforts. Some teachers pass the savings on to their students.

* After meeting the class quantity minimums above, you may add personal items to your class quantity order. You will receive the 10% discount and pay only $8.00 shipping (USA only) on these items, too.

* The members of your class can place a group order. Minimum is $100 for a 10% discount and $8.00 shipping (USA only). Many teachers add their personal items to their class order. There is no minimum per item, but the minimum total, before discount is $100. Please give us time to get the order to your students before the last class. We reserve the right NOT to back order items on class orders. Canadian and foreign orders pay actual cost shipping.

Some common questions from teachers:

* I don’t know how many students I will have until the night of the first class.

* How can I order from John Neal, Bookseller for my class?

1. You can order a generous supply and return any unneeded items. There is no restocking fee.

2. You can call us after your first class and we can rush your shipment out. If you alert us a couple of weeks before your first class and advise us of the maximum number of students and what materials you will need, we will reserve the materials for your class. You then confirm the order for only the quantity you need. There is never a rush charge for class quantity orders.

* I don’t want to tie up my money in supplies for students.

* I won’t receive payment for the supplies until the first class.

1. Many of our teachers put their class orders on a charge card. We won’t charge your order until it ships.

2. If you prefer not to use a credit card, our credit policy is easy. You prepay for your first class order with a check or charge card and for future class orders we will bill you. Payment is due 30 days after receipt, giving you time to collect funds from your students. If you have already established credit for your personal or business orders, you have credit for class orders. Many of our customers have used John Neal, Bookseller as a credit reference for establishing credit at printers and other service providers.

* Do you accept purchase orders from institutions?

Yes. We prefer a copy of the Purchase Order either faxed or mailed. But we can accept the Purchase Order number over the phone.

* I can sometimes find materials at a lower price than you offer. Can you meet other suppliers’ prices?

Please give us a chance to match any prices that you are getting from other web, mail order, or local stores. We may be able to offer the same price and save you the time and expense of driving to several stores and/or special ordering. Please let us know the price and who is offering it. You’ll get a prompt reply. When practical, we want to supply all your class needs.

* I’m teaching at a craft store. Do you offer discounts to stores?

While we are not a wholesaler, we may be able to offer the store the items you want your students to use at an acceptable price. Have the store contact us.

* Can I get copies of your catalog for each of my students? Is there a cost?

We are happy to ship a John Neal, Bookseller catalog for every student in your class. We prefer to ship catalogs with your class quantity order. There is no charge.

Certain other conditions:

1. We reserve the right to cancel items not in stock. That is, we may choose not to back order items we can’t ship immediately.

2. You must request this discount.

3. You may request catalogs for your students to be shipped with your class supply/book order at no extra charge.

4. Discount is off the standard price or standard sale price. For nibs and similar items, the discount is off the quantity price rather than the individual price. You must order at least 6 of an item (left-handed items can be counted with right-handed ones). Your order must total $60.00 before discount.

5. Offer excludes fine papers. There is no discount and regular paper shipping applies on all fine papers ordered.