S618 - Sally's Piercing Cradle

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great portable book binding tool

Apr 22, 2017  |  Posted By Nancy Anderson from

This cradle works very well and takes up very little space with its ingenious nesting storage design. A great tool.

Sally's Punching Cradle

Nov 25, 2015  |  Posted By Jeanne Treadway from

This is the handiest, easiest to use, nicest addition to my bookbinding! I love this gizmo and bound 40 books with five signatures each with the least wear to my wrists and temper, ever!


Apr 29, 2013  |  Posted By Alexis Pavenick from

I make 4" - 11" tall hand-bound books and this cradle works perfectly. Easy to assemble, small and compact to store. Every time I use it I'm extremely pleased I bought it. It's a smart design.

Sally's Piercing Cradle

Jun 23, 2012  |  Posted By Jean Formo from

This ingenious tool is unsurpassed in its handy portability, easy function, and workable size. There are no unnecessary parts - only what is required to do the job very accurately!