I116 - Old World Oak Gall Ink

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Good ink

Apr 14, 2014  |  Posted By Doug Brownell from

The thin lines and the blacks are good. I prefer Blot's but find myself switching between the two so this is a close second.

Old World Ink

Feb 28, 2014  |  Posted By Sean from

I just received Old World Ink yesterday and tried it with a new Zebra G nib. I put a few drops of gum Arabic solution, although I'm not sure it even needed it. The hairlines are very thin, like I experienced with McCaffery's, but pitch black like those of Higgins. This is just the combination I was looking for.

Old World Ink

Sep 9, 2012  |  Posted By Robert Harrison from

Although I am a novice script writer, I HIGHLY recommend this ink--worth every dollar of its cost. Right out of the bottle, with nary a fleck of needed Gum Arabic, this ink demonstrated its premiere quality. I wish for the day when every ink color within the rainbow is designed upon the formulary of this ink, right out of the bottle.