S617 - Super (Mull or Crash)

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customer servicel

Mar 14, 2017  |  Posted By James DiFazio from

I sent a review out yesterday bad mouthing this company for sending me the wrong stuff. I should have waited until I spoke to them first, because they sent me a nice e-mail today apologizing for their mistake. they are sending me a return label to send the wrong stuff back. They are also sending the stuff I ordered out with 1 day delivery. Sorry John Neal for being such an A-hole

S617 open weave cotton material

Mar 14, 2017  |  Posted By James DiFazio from

I sent for an open weave cotton material # S617 used for attaching the spine of the book to the case 18"x36". and received 4 pieces of aluminum L brackets 6" long. I think you should teach your staff what your products are and the numbers associated with them before you let them work in the shipping department. I hope I can return this and receive a refund. I'm almost afraid to ask for the right product because I have to get this job done ASAP