S741 - Coliro (Finetec) Artist Color Gold Set

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Awesome Product

Apr 5, 2016  |  Posted By Holly Cochran from

I teach medieval illumination in the SCA. This is a great substitute for shell gold and for tube gouache, in my opinion. After 32 years in the "game," it is one of the better options. The range of colors and ease of use make it very approachable for newer scribes, too. It works just like the watercolors one had in elementary school, for them, so they are not afraid to "gild" things. For more advanced artists, the ability to shade and layer golds, or to use more advanced techniques is nice. Far more workable, for me, than any of the tube gouache I have used. My only other favorite gold option is the Yatsumoto (?) gold in a ceramic pan.

Finetec gilding watercolour palettes

May 19, 2014  |  Posted By Judi Hopewell from

This is a great addition to any calligraphers tool chest.... The metallic finish is a great short cut if you cannot be bothered will formal gilding with leaf. Apply with a Rigger brush for ornamentation of any calligraphy capitals and in my case i use it for background on ink and graphite drawings which glistens beautifully. You will find you like one gold most and then you can buy replacement pans (S890) to add to your light weight palette... Talk about instant gratification, try it you will love it...this doesn't glitter, it glows like gold leaf....

Long lasting!

Mar 5, 2014  |  Posted By JP Panter from

I love the FineTec golds for pointed pen. They are freakishly good and long lasting. From the set of 5 pans, Arabic Gold is the one I go through the most. I've EASILY done 300 envelopes with one little FineTec cake from the set. It goes and goes and goes.