N118 - Zebra G Nib

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N118. Zebra G Nib Review

Jul 15, 2015  |  Posted By Kurt Laws from

I have a love/hate situation with the Zebra G Nib. The nib performs very well but I am extremely light handed and hate to push a nib with as much pressure as this pen takes, I use very thick paper 190grams per sq meter with this nib because it usually cuts into the surface of the paper and will damage or cut through thinner paper. The Leonardt Principal EF Nib which I find surperb for my lighter touch preference.

Zebra G

Feb 12, 2014  |  Posted By JY Han from

This is a lovely nib. It's fairly stiff and can easily be used for monoline writing. Provides wide, easily controllable swells. Most notably, it is incredibly smooth.

Really very good for calligraphy

Feb 7, 2013  |  Posted By Parinda Sarkar from

I use the nib for copperplate calligraphy