N200 - Leonardt & Co. Nib Storage Tin

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Nice little storage box

Oct 10, 2015  |  Posted By Kathlyn Powell from

I quite like the aesthetics and functionality of this handsome little tin nib box. The other reviewer must have gotten a lemon, as mine is perfect and works fine. I use it to hold my vintage nibs, and it looks the part!

Useless Nib Storage Tin

Jun 18, 2012  |  Posted By Rick Scott from

While attractive, these boxes are more decorative than practical. The smooth metal surface combined with the shape makes this tin difficult to open and after limited use the tiny hinge broke. Also it is shaped a bit like a tiny "boat," and that makes it unstable on a flat surface. (The bottom is somewhat curved rather than flat.) - Charles (from JNB: for a more practical nib storage box, see items N142 or S231!)