FP120 - Noodler's Standard Flex Pen

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Fits a Gillot 303

Sep 22, 2016  |  Posted By Victor from

If you take out the nib and fit a Gillot 303 into it, you have a very inexpensive super flex fountain pen. Takes a little adjusting with the feed and nib to get the flow right. But remember to take out the nib when not using: the Gillot will corrode pretty quickly if left in.

Noodler for doodlers

Apr 8, 2012  |  Posted By jeanine from

This is a great little pen for those of us who want to play with script letters. It starts easily and keeps on going with a lovely big piston filled chamber. The flexibility of the nib is easy to adjust and gives some pretty impressive thicks and thins. It responds nicely to a variety of papers and tolerates a fairly heavy hand.