I54 - Blots Iron Gall Ink

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I need more

Jan 7, 2015  |  Posted By Wendy from

I absolutely love this ink. I can't stop writing and drawing with it, I wish they sold it in larger bottles as well...

My favorite!

Apr 14, 2014  |  Posted By Doug Brownell from

I've used all three iron gall inks (McCaffrey's, Old World, Blot's), and Blot's is my favorite. As it ages and the water base evaporates, it thickens and darkens. I have a bottle that's 4 years old, and the ink writes *beautifully* -- writes smooth, black, yet still retaining the thinnest thins.I add a few drops of distilled water every once in a while and it just keeps going.

Interesting ink

Jun 25, 2013  |  Posted By Robert hawkes from

You have to be willing to roll the dice a bit with this ink. It does transform after drying. It darkens some but has some beautiful wash grays. My wife said she liked my drawings with this ink over others. Worth the experience for sure.

Not my first preference

May 7, 2013  |  Posted By Itsy Kliman from

I tried Blots Iron Gall Ink with various papers and many different nibs, but prefer the results I get with McCaffrey's Penman Ink (which I have used for years).