P01-8 - JNB Copperplate / Engrossers Pad 8.5X11in

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Great paper

Feb 19, 2020  |  Posted By Karen H from Atlanta, GA United States

I tried this paper years ago and had issues with bleeding. Recently at a class the teacher had a pad of this paper and I tried it again and I was thrilled that it was just as smooth as before but this time no bleeding at all! I ordered a pad and have been using it non-stop and am in love, it is my new favorite practice paper.

Love this paper

Dec 11, 2015  |  Posted By Gail Fugere from

I use Sumi and Ziller inks with this and have no issues. I like the lines for practicing and for lining up with envelopes. It is very smooth. I REALLY love this paper.

Ink bleeds

Jun 19, 2014  |  Posted By Jodi from

The paper is smooth and lovely to write on, and the guidelines are very helpful. But Moon Palace Sumi ink bleeds right through, as does Higgins Eternal. Higgins also feathers like mad. I bought this pad to do Copperplate drills on. Alas. It will not work for that.