H114 - Turned Wood Oblique Holder

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Mar 20, 2019  |  Posted By Scott Mantooth from

okay, im a bit of an art nerd so i tend to geek out about things and this ornamental oblique pen holder is no exception. firstly very impressed with the design, look and weight of this pen holder. it just looks like it was made for an era long ago where documents were written with great care and the writing itself was an art form. the nibs are held securely and the design is simple and practical and works brilliantly. owning one holder may in all likelihood lead to obtaining the others to complete the set if only for personal display...very, very happy with my purchase

Comfortable and stylish

Mar 29, 2017  |  Posted By Melissa Dominguez from

I'm in love with this holder! I'm a beginner and I started with the Speedball oblique holder that came in a calligraphy kit. I found a blog comparing the angle of the Speedball with other holders and the Turned Wood oblique holder was recommended for Nikko G nibs, I purchased the Tapered model. It's definitely a major step up from the Speedball. Way more comfortable, the angle feels right and it's very stylish. I think this is a great holder for writing several hours.