H38 - Koh-I-Noor 127 N Cork Tip Penholder

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So far, so good

Mar 18, 2015  |  Posted By Stephanie from

I'm a beginner at calligraphy, so when I purchased this holder I wasn't sure what to expect. I also ordered 10 Nikko G nibs at the same time (since I found out Nikko G nibs are beginner-friendly). The Nikko G's are nice & snug in this holder; it took a little bit of pushing to get it in, but I didn't force it in either. It's comfortable to hold & write with; so comfortable, in fact, that I forget I have a hold on it & can focus on my lettering practice. Removing the nib is easier than putting it in (I don't know if this is true for all holders, since I'm a newb). And it's not expensive. I expect to get years of practice out of this holder before I upgrade:D