H133 - Moblique Pastel Dual Penholder

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Nice Writing Experience

Jun 21, 2020  |  Posted By SusieG from Manassas, VA United States

I own several of these Moblique holders in different colors. I like the rubbery feel and find holder very comfortable to use. Currently, I use this with my Tachikawa G and Nikko G nibs. In general all my Nikko G nibs fit in my Mobliques. My Tachikawa G nib has a hard time going into the brass flange. I have to remove the flange and place my Tachikawa in the flange and place the flange/nib into my Moblique. It's a nice solid fit. I've noticed my Zebra G nibs (which I rarely use) slide in and out of all my Moblique holders. If I end up using my Zebra Gs again, I would adjust one of the brass flange to fit that nib. I love that I can twist off the body swap around the grips and bodies of my other Moblique holders to make different color combinations. The Mobliques are comfortable to use and reasonably priced.

Great holder for an amazing price

May 13, 2020  |  Posted By Andrea Xenidis from Cedar Park, TX United States

I found this holder very nice to hold. The coating is a matte, rubbery material.

My new favorite

Sep 27, 2019  |  Posted By Nikki from

These are my new favorite holders! They are comfortable to hold, I really like the nib storage for traveling. The flange is easy to adjust for the different nibs and the different colors available let me color code which holder I use for which nib!

Doesn't hold Nikko nibs well

Jan 21, 2019  |  Posted By Jessica from

I had such high hopes for these, I have bought a few, but I don't feel they are made very well. The flange has been loose on one, and the nikko nibs don't stay well...a staple for all calligraphers IMO.