S1066 - M. G. Ward Professional Hot Foiling Kit

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MG Ward Foiling System

Jun 1, 2019  |  Posted By Emilee Stucky from

I was a little nervous when I ordered this tool, as I wasn't for sure the ease of use and learning curve that would be with it. I also was concerned about how hot it would get in my hand while using. However, I was thoroughly surprised at how quickly I was able to get set up and start my first foiling project! The smaller tip that comes with this is great for fine detail drawing and lettering. I also quickly realized that in order to foil with the included foil, the heat setting didn't need to be above a 3, and the tool never got warm to hold in the 30 minutes I was using it. I was able to hot foil a bride and groom's name on the font of a cloth-bound folio I made from the book cloth I ordered from John Neal as well! It turned out great! Definitely a tool I recommend to add to a calligrapher's tool kit! I have a feeling with just a few posts on my Instagram page, I'll be getting orders for foiling journals and bible covers locally!