N113 - Nikko G Nib

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My first Nib

Nov 20, 2016  |  Posted By Bev from

I'm so glad I had listened to others stating that the Nikko G is great for beginners. I find it writes unbelievable thin lines and just enjoy practicing with it.

Best for Drawing, Texture, Delicate

Oct 21, 2015  |  Posted By Zach Kramer from

I like this nib because it is capable of creating extremely thin lines. Compared to the Zebra G it produces much thinner hairlines. Excellent for drawing fur and hair textures. For writing, I don't feel that the thinness of the Nikko G is necessary, the Zebra G will produce a more uniform line at it's thinnest. The Nikko G gets so thin that I can sketch very lightly before laying down my final lines, and if I do a water wash over the original sketch lines, they just dissolve completely (using water soluble ink). I ordered 3 different G nibs and the Nikko G was the only one that worked right away without needing broken in or cleaned.

Great nib.

Mar 18, 2013  |  Posted By Samuel Walter from

This nib works perfectly for fast informal writing as it almost never catches on the paper. It also has a nice amount of flex. However, it does not work nearly as well for formal writing.

great all-round nib

Jan 9, 2013  |  Posted By Callum from

this is a wonderful nib to use, smooth writting in ANY direction and makes perfect hairlines . has a nice spread with a good flex. Great for beginners.

Nikko G Nob

Aug 5, 2012  |  Posted By Robert Harrison from

As a beginner with fine point, I declare this nib as a phenom--and nothing short of it. It is an immensely smooth nib in any direction--especially those upward strokes. Also, it has a wide tine spread. I shall be purchasing more.