Paul Antonio Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach

Paul trained as a Scribe and Heraldic Artist and then went on to study Archaeological Illustration with a specialism in Ancient Writing Systems. His illustrative works on Egyptian Hieroglyphs are housed in the Metropolitan Museum, NYC, and he serves as a scribe in the Crown Office, writing official documents when people become ennobled. He does a wide range of commissioned work for individuals and corporations, and he posts frequently on social media, where he is followed by legions and legions of scribal fans.

Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach, available in late June 2018 features:

  • Innovative Approaches: From the manner in which the penholder is held to the development of an entirely new system of technical approaches, this manual offers artists the most unique and complete instruction on how to approach Copperplate Script
  • Comprehensive Direction: You are provided with countless exemplars, customized guidelines, troubleshooting insights, and plentiful exercises and drills to allow you to fully master this graceful, but exacting, script.
  • Supplemental Resources: In addition to the high-quality instruction detailed within the manual’s pages, purchasers of the book can access a broad range of tutorials online for even more insight!

B4210. Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach /Paul Antonio
B4210. Copperplate Script: A Yin & Yang Approach by Paul Antonio. 2018. 132pp. 8.5"x11". Spiral-bound . Pre-publication price $29.95 with free media mail shipping (USA only).

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Renowned calligrapher Paul Antonio presents his new approach to teaching Copperplate. He explains the structure of the script in detail so you know the hows and whys of the letter shapes. You won’t just copy exemplar letters; you will understand them. And understanding speeds learning and allows mastery.

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