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Modern Calligraphy

B3948. Modern Calligraphy / Thorpe
B3948. Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe. 2013. 192pp. 8.5"x9.5". Paper

Teaches Molly's bold style of Copperplate that looks stylish and fresh, yet still refined. After an overview of supplies, you learn letters, words, then phrases with the clear instructions and exemplars. You then learn how to write with gouache and watercolor and how to digitize your calligraphy for printed items. The 20 projects provide inspiration for weddings, entertainment, and personal stationery. The final section is practical info for the working scribe, including strategies for large-batch projects and hints for left-handers.

Your Price $24.99

B4238. Calligraphy Styling / Halim
B4238. Calligraphy Styling by Veronica Halim. 2018. 160pp. 7.25"x10.25". Paper

This book starts with a presentation of nibs, holders, inks, and papers that is both beautiful and informative. Next are excellent exemplar alphabets for caps and lowercase (with stroke direction and hints) for two Copperplate scripts: classic and modern (aka Modern Calligraphy). Flourished caps are also provided for both styles. Then come several pages on connecting letters into words and tips on using flourished caps. There is good stuff here for intermediate scribes and for beginners as a second book.

But the main reason to buy the book is the projects, which are sophisticated and stylish, artful rather than crafty. They include various greeting cards and paper ornaments, monograms and stationeries, calligraphy styling with flowers, papers and packaging. Some are just pointed pen script, some require basic drawing/painting skills, and others just use splotches, strokes or washes. There is a special section on weddings and other gatherings, but most every project and technique has wedding potential.

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B4219. Incorporating Modern Flourishes / Cheng
B4219. Incorporating Modern Flourishes into Your Lettering by Jarrin Cheng. 2017. 88pp. 8.5"x11". Paper, spiral binding.

Once you have learned your letters, it is time to enliven and embellish your letters and words with loops, swoops, turns, and extensions - in short, flourishing. This guide and trace-and-copy workbook takes you through flourishing rules, various components of flourishes, how to enter and exit letters, how to compose a flourished layout, and how to evaluate your work. Then, with trace-and-copy pages, you learn a variety of flourishes for each letter, from A-Z, both capital and small letters. The book is best with brush markers, and for beginners the author recommends the Tombow Hard Fudenosuke brush pen. (If you use a pointed metal nib, the workbook pages are good with Walnut Crystals and McCaffery’s Penman ink, but Higgins Eternal feathers.)

Your Price $34.99

B4206. Modern Calligraphy Workshop / Owen
B4206. Modern Calligraphy Workshop: The Creative Art of Pen, Brush and Chalk Lettering by Imogen Owen. 2017. 144pp. 8"x10". Paper.

This beginner’s book teaches the popular, relaxed form of Copperplate script that celebrates an informal, handmade look and that is often referred to as "modern calligraphy." Includes alphabet variations, informal roman alphabets, flourishes, and brush forms. Exercises and projects include envelopes, invitations, themed weddings, and chalkboard lettering.

Your Price $19.99

B4286. Modern Calligraphy / Edmonds
B4286. Modern Calligraphy by Lucy Edmonds of Quill London. 2018. 168pp. 7.25"x7.5". Paper.

Unlock your creativity with this inspiring guide to modern calligraphy. Loosely based on the 300-year-old Copperplate style, modern calligraphy offers an accessible form of hand lettering - one that allows practitioners to develop their own styles. Even if you think you're not creative or that your handwriting is poor, with this beautifully illustrated guide as well as regular practice, you'll be on your way to an exciting and satisfying new form of self-expression.
Author Lucy Edmonds is the founder of a stationery boutique, Quill London, where she has conducted calligraphy workshops for thousands of students from all over the world. Her step-by-step approach will show you an abundance of tips, tricks, and techniques for beginners, starting with advice on materials and basic exercises and advancing to uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and brush calligraphy. Plenty of practice pages with dotted lines will help you perfect your technique. Plus, a wealth of practical ideas includes pointers for making your own inks and adding an elegant personal touch to envelope-addressing, invitations, dinner party menus, and gift tags.

Your Price $18.95

P102. Modern Calligraphy Practice Pad
P102. WWC Modern Calligraphy Practice Pad. 8.5"x11", spiral-bound (at top).

Provides instruction for the informal style of Copperplate known as Modern Calligraphy, using a copybook-style format that stresses letterform variation. Each copybook-style page comes with a tracing vellum overlay for you to write on, preserving the original pages. There are two different practice pads, which are produced by Written Word Calligraphy and Design.

Choose Lowercase or Uppercase.

Click the photo to see sample pages of the pads.

Lowercase Alphabet: The two-page intro covers penholders, nibs, ink, paper, and their use. Then, after a page of basic stroke practice, comes the copybook section with one page for each letter. Each lowercase letter is presented with 10 variations and two lines of joined-letter practice. Each line has guide- and slant-lines printed in gray; the model letter is printed in black and is followed by several examples in gray to trace over; then there is space for you to make the letters on your own. Next comes connecting-letters practice, word practice, and phrase practice.

Uppercase Alphabet: The uppercase pad has the same two-page introduction and similar letter-by-letter copybook instruction, with 10 practice lines per letter; the last four lines add a lowercase letter. Next come three pages of number practice, word practice (using first names), and phrase practice.

Your Price

B4242. 100 Days of Lettering / Roeder
B4242. 100 Days of Lettering: A Complete Creative Lettering Course by Jay Roeder. 2018. 208pp. 8.5"x10". Paper

With 100 exercises divided into ten sections, this workbook offers a fun and friendly way to improve your lettering techniques every day. Each section focuses on building a particular skill or exploring a design application. Learn how to form letters, pair different lettering styles, and design motivational quotes. As you work on these beautiful full-color pages, featuring the striking artwork of author and illustrator Jay Roeder, you’ll find plenty of ideas and encouragement to help you develop your own unique style.

Your Price $19.95

B4289. Happy Hand Lettering / Wagner
B4289. Happy Hand Lettering: Simple Calligraphy Techniques to Bring Your Words to Life by Jen Wagner. 2017. 144pp. 8.2"x11". Paper.

Happy Hand Lettering offers you instruction and encouragement to begin creating beautifully written words right away. From selecting the best tools and supplies, to forming your first simple letters, everything you need to begin your calligraphic journey is here.

-- Learn beginning-level techniques for brush lettering, nib lettering and modern lettering as you progress from strokes to letters and from words to phrases.

-- Discover ideas for using your new lettering skills in a practical way: envelopes, gift tags, decor and more.

-- Brush up on composition basics, typography terms and an exploration of a variety of mediums.

Your Price $19.05

B4226. Hand Lettering and Contemporary Calligraphy / Engelbrecht
B4226. Hand Lettering and Contemporary Calligraphy by Lisa Engelbrecht. 2017 (2008). 160pp. 8.75"x11.25". Hardcover.

Lisa Engelbrecht’s wonderful book is available again in hardcover with a new title and a LOWER price!

Presents both traditional hands and fun and scripty
contemporary styles. Complete alphabets are shown
for a wide array of styles, with stroke-by-stroke
instruction and examples of the hands. Demonstrates
the use of the pens and ruling pens as well as metallic
foils, glue pens, etc., for jazzy effects. Large gallery for
inspiration. Full-color throughout.

Previously published as Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering.

Your Price

B4294. Mastering Modern Calligraphy / Thorpe
B4294. Mastering Modern Calligraphy: Beyond the Basics: 2,700+ Pointed Pen Exemplars and Exercises for Developing Your Style by Molly Suber Thorpe. 2019. 204 pages. Spiral-bound

Available in October 2019. Order now. Free media mail shipping for pre-publication orders (USA only). Your credit card (except PayPal) will not be charged for the book until it ships. If you want to pay by PayPal and delay payment, email your order rather than ordering through the website.

A comprehensive, full-color guide for experienced beginners and intermediate students interested in mastering contemporary styles, with an emphasis on experimentation and fun rather than rigid uniformity. The book's lay-flat spiral binding makes it perfect for learning. Molly's first book (Modern Calligraphy B3948) brought modern calligraphy to the masses and helped spark worldwide interest in pointed pen script. With her signature pointed pen and digital hand lettering-styles, whimsical approaches, and bold color palettes, she brings a freshness and excitement to this classically beautiful writing style.

Your Price $26.99

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