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Featured Products

M61-S3. Sakura Gelly Roll White set of 3
M61-S3. Sakura Gelly Roll White set of 3

Newly reformulated, this gel pen from Sakura is now free-flowing, longlasting and no longer has a chalkiness problem.
Includes 05 (fine), 08 (medium) and 10 (bold).

Your Price $4.47 $4.23
B4266. Calligraphy as Art and Meditation / Jonas
B4266. Calligraphy as Art and Meditation: A New Approach by Gina Jonas. 2018. 272 pp. 8.75"x11.5". Hardcover, concealed spiral binding.

In her highly innovative, holistic approach, Jonas invites you to integrate mind, body, and feeling as the foundation for calligraphic art. As meditation, you cultivate a relaxed, alert state of mind -- coordinating the breath with stroke and letter making. In this tool-centered approach, you explore such calligraphic essentials as movement and contact through training alphabets that include Playball and Proteus. The book’s exercises build skill and confidence developmentally. They focus on design (letter, text, alphabet), ductus (“target practice”), dynamics (stroke technique, rhythm), spacing, creativity, and play. By always beginning with warm-ups, you are prepared to merge flow with form to create living letterforms. Full of color illustrations and diagrams.

Gina Jonas is author of the JNB bestseller Finding the Flow (B2830). That book explores the energy, touch, and rhythmical movement essential to the living letterform: its flow. Calligraphy as Art and Meditation incorporates that exploration of flow as it delves deeply into the structural and design fundamentals of calligraphic writing: its form. And through the marriage of flow and form you learn to create vital letterforms, alphabets, and word and text images.

Gina Jonas is also the author of Hebrew Calligraphy Styles (B1619).

Your Price $29.95 $27.50
P104. Rhodia R Pads
P104. Rhodia R Pad.
70 sheets of premium 90g Ivory paper, thicker than regular Rhodia paper, but with the same super-smooth finish that is prized by scribes for Spencerian, Copperplate, and other pointed pen scripts. (The very smooth finish makes for easier upstrokes, without catching and splattering.) Staple-bound at the top. Sheets are micro-perforated for easy and clean removal. "Soft Touch" cover is scored so it will fold back neatly. Inside the back cover is thick cardboard to provide support for writing without a hard surface. 90g (90gsm) is similar to 24lb bond (60lb text).

Recommended by Mike Ward (MrMGWard on Instagram)

Available blank (black cover) or lined (orange cover) in 8.25" x 11.75 ".

Your Price $13.00
SA-I28-S. Ziller Sample Sets
SA-I28-S Ziller Sample Sets

These sets contain Screw-Top Dinky Dip vials filled with samples of Ziller Inks. The vials are set in wooden blocks.

Original 10 colors:
Midnight Blue, Buffalo Brown, Glossy Black, Soot Black, White, Cardinal Red, Wild Viola Violet, Sweet Grass Green, Prairie Fire Orange, Sunflower Yellow.

Pastel 6 colors:
French Lavender, Peach Blush, Periwinkle Blue, Spring Green, Wild Rose Pink, Winter Sky Gray.

New 6 colors: Cranberry, Wisteria, Mauve Mist, Charcoal, Tranquil Taupe, Ivory.

For full size jars, see item I28.

Your Price $19.95

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