Gillott 303 Nib

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N72. Gillott 303 Pointed Nib.

A popular nib for Copperplate. Good flexibility - not too stiff, not too flexible. Very thin hairlines and good swells. Works for scripts 3/16-1/16". Sharp point but will work on slightly textured surfaces. Tends to catch on upstrokes.

Prior to 2016, the nib had spotty quality control, but the manufacturer has re-worked the process and nibs are better and more consistent.

The Gillott 303 (and Gillott 404) are recommended by Eleanor Winters in her book Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy -- though she now thinks the Nikko G is a better nib for beginners.

Manufacture of metal Gillott pen nibs began in 1827, in Birmingham, England, by a company founded by Joseph Gillott. Gillott nibs are still made in the UK.

- Excellent nib for pointed pen scripts
- For intermediate and advanced scribes
- Very flexible, gives fine thins and thick swells
- Sharp point can catch on up strokes, best on smooth paper
- In JNB Pointed Nib Sampler (N154)
- Made in England
- Blue-finish steel
- Stamped on nib: 303 / Joseph Gillott's / Extra Fine / England

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Excellent Nib - quality control could be better
Jul 23, 2013  |  By Salman Khattak
These are excellent nibs when you get a good one. Every once in a while you run into one that is rather temperamental on the upstrokes but the good ones are just superb. Not a beginner's nib but those with a light touch would fall in love with the good ones.

Perfect hairlines
Jun 5, 2015  |  By Jon
The quality control isn't great, but this is one of my favorite pens for Spencerian. The hairlines are remarkably fine and precise - as long as you keep your touch light you will be pleased with the results!

Gillott 303
Mar 20, 2018  |  By Jacqui Saddoris
I have to agree with what the other reviewers said about temperament and quality control. Both the Gillotts I received, this one and the 404, had separated tines. I really wanted to like this one. It has nice hair lines, and nice spread in the tines, but I couldn't get it to start and the bent tines made it even more difficult.

Gillott 303 great for Copperplate
Aug 16, 2021  |  By Marty
The 303 makes exceptionally fine upstrokes and nicely fat downstrokes with the lightest touch. It is not a nib for beginners, who often have a heavy hand. For them, the Gillott 404 would be a better choice (or one of the G-pens).

Oct 2, 2021  |  By Kevin
This is a great calligraphy nib for pointed-pen script, but the Gillott 303 will cause you a lot of frustration as a beginner. It is very sharp, and it will likely catch and splatter on the upstrokes. You need to have a "lighter than air touch" to use the 303 Gillott.

Very Serviceable for Copperplate Script
Nov 5, 2021  |  By JOHN NEAL
Joe Vitolo in his book Learn to Write Script in the Copperplate Style recommends this nib as "very serviceable" for Copperplate Script. For this script he writes: "The nib must have a sufficiently flexible point to allow for the formation of shaded down strokes by applying downward pressure to the pen. It should also be sharp enough to allow for fine hairlines to contrast the shades." Other modern nibs he recommends for Copperplate-style scripts are the Leonardt Principal, Gillott 1068A, Hunt 22b, and Hunt 56.

Keep your hand light
Nov 17, 2021  |  By Stacy P.
The Gillott 303 can be somewhat tricky to work with, but it is probably one of the best Copperplate nibs out there if you can keep your hand light enough.

So Helpful
Nov 24, 2021  |  By Gina Smythe
The person at John Neal was so helpful! It is great to be able to talk to someone on the phone!!!

Gillott 303
Jan 27, 2022  |  By Steve K
The Gillott 303 is one of my three go-to nibs. The other two are Hunt 101 and Hunt 22B

Gillott 303
Jul 18, 2022  |  By Sheila Ryan
Excellent service! Quick delivery. Packaged well. Love the new nib. Will be ordering more from this business.

Love this nib for small x heights
Nov 21, 2022  |  By Helga Sheppard
Love this nib for small x heights! Tried the 404 but found that it requires quite a bit of pressure to produce the thicker swells I prefer. As a result, the sharp tip would also pick up paper fibres. The 303 solves those problems and still has the benefits I found with the 404 - great control, very thin hairlines and thick swells, perfect for small x heights - 3mm.