Paul Antonio wants your help!

Paul Antonio wants your help!

Paul Antonio is putting out a call to Copperplate calligraphers of all skill levels.
Any inquiries and questions should be sent to
Below is all the information straight from Paul.

Hello Fellow Calligraphers,

Paul Antonio here, AKA PAScribe. I need your help with something!

As you may be aware, I am working on producing the 2nd edition of my ‘Copperplate Script – A Yin & Yang Approach.’ The manual has been out of print for the past 3 years and Paper & Ink Arts have very kindly offered to print, sell and distribute the 2 nd edition.

I began work on the manual in 2016. Since it was published, I have delved deeper into the script and I want this 2 nd edition to be bigger and more comprehensive. One of the things I would like to add are the struggles you face in writing the script. To this end, I would love a sample of your Copperplate Script. It doesn’t matter what level you are, in fact, all samples will give me information what I need to point out in the manual.

If you could write out:

  • Majuscules
  • Minuscules
  • And a short sentence ‘ The quick brown fox...’ will do.

If you could also include, x-height, nib, ink, paper, straight or oblique pen staff and whether you are left or right handed, that would be super.

- If you could please email it to

- Subject – PAS Copperplate Script Manual

That would be brilliant! In return, I will give you a little credit on your work if you like.

Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing your work.

All the best,


May 22nd 2024 John Neal Books

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