JNB Try-n-Buy
This new JNB program is available to guilds in the USA. Your members get to try an array of tools, pens, inks, markers, and papers. They then have the chance to order those items - and your guild can earn 10% of those sales!

The details:
  • We send you a box chock-full of supplies. Included also are price sheets for the items, color charts for inks/paints, and order forms.
  • The guild then has a meeting and members try out whichever tools they wish. Most guilds have found success in having several stations: Coliro/Finetec (we send ALL the colors!), Ink, Markers, Fountain Pens, Ruling/Folded pens, etc. We include plenty of sheets of paper for testing.
  • Shipping costs: $20 to ship the tools and for their return (a prepaid UPS tag is provided). We recommend charging around $1 per attendee to cover the shipping cost.
To sign up or get more info about having a Try-n-Buy event, email michael@johnnealbooks.com. We can only accommodate two guilds per month, so contact sooner for better availability.

After the Try-n-Buy event, there are two options for ordering:
  1. Post-event Group order: The guild sends in one order and collects payment from members. The group order then ships all at once, to one address. Shipping charge is actual UPS cost for orders under $500; orders over $500 receive free shipping. The guild earns a 10% commission on this group order. Most guilds distribute the items at the next meeting after the try-and-buy.
  2. Post-event Individual orders: We provide a 10%-discount promo code, and members place their own orders, which are shipped directly to them. Normal shipping charges apply. The guild does not get a commission for these individual orders.

LETTER ARTS REVIEW: Internationally recognized as the preeminent magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists, Letter Arts Review serves all levels, from beginners to the more accomplished, by providing outstanding color reproductions, informative articles, and considered commentary. Each issue consistently reflects the highest caliber of work from every corner of the world.

BOUND & LETTERED: This full-color magazine provides practical information on bookbinding, calligraphy, artists' books, and papercraft. Bound & Lettered features how-to articles with step-by-step instructions and illustrations, artist galleries featuring the works of accomplished calligraphers & books artists, useful articles on tools & materials, and book & exhibit reviews. A great tool for teaching and learning!

Letter Arts Review and Bound & Lettered can serve as valuable resources for your members! US guilds and groups can take advantage of this great subscription deal. The discount is based upon the number of the subscriptions.
Letter Arts Review 1-year subscription (4 issues): $48.00
For an order of 5: $43.20/subscription ($4.80 savings per subscription)
For an order of 10: $39.95/subscription ($8.05 savings per subscription)

Bound & Lettered 1-year subscription (4 issues): $26.00
For an order of 5: $22.95/subscription ($3.05 savings per subscription)
For an order of 10: $19.95/subscription ($6.05 savings per subscription)
These savings apply to any combination of subscriptions. For example, to reach the 10-subscriptions level, you may order 4 of Letter Arts Review and 6 of Bound & Lettered.
4 of LAR @ $39.95
6 of B&L @ $19.95
Total: $279.50 for a savings of $68.50!

For the Class/Guild Subscription Order form, click HERE