Online Class Submission Info

Teaching an Online Class?
John Neal Books is sending out weekly notices of upcoming online classes to our customers, directing them to listings on the JNB website. The webpage is updated continually. These learning opportunities include both one-session and multi-session classes, some live and some prerecorded. Some teachers also offer individual online instruction. Some classes are directly through the instructor. Other classes are available through an organization or web platform. John Neal Books does not sponsor classes, but we are pleased to help get the word out about your class(es). There is no charge for this listing, but for live-taught online classes we need your info at least four weeks before the class starts.

Sending us your online class info:

To get your online class included on the website and in our emails at no charge, follow this link and fill out the form for submission. We have shifted to an easy to submit online form for teachers lists. This helps us get your info processed much more efficiently! We ask that you please use the form over sending your class list by emails. If you have any questions they can still be sent to send to:

For this free listing, if your class is live-taught, you must send the complete class info at least 4 weeks before your class starts.

Supply Lists

Include the list of supplies your students will need for each class and perhaps optional supplies as well. You can also send a more general list of supplies you always recommend. We will add the supplies to your class page on the JNB website in an easy-to-order format.


Supply Kits

If appropriate, we can create a “kit” for your class, so your students order just one product. This is especially appropriate for beginner classes where the student may not already have any supplies. It also allows your instruction (live or recorded) to be tailored to specific tools and materials. To keep the kit cost low, you can opt for a 1-oz and 1/2oz jar of Moon Palace Sumi ink instead of the usual larger containers. (These sizes are not available for individual purchase.)


If your live-taught online class is less than 4 weeks in the future, there is an option to pay for a email listing that has a direct link to the class on your website. You will be asked to supply only the Instructor NameClass Name, and Class Date(s). There is no deadline, but it can take 3-9 days for the listing to appear. Use this link for details. You must purchase this listing online. This paid option is not available for pre-recorded classes.