A John Neal Books History Lesson: Manuscript

A John Neal Books History Lesson: Manuscript

The Beginning: In 1856, Diedrich Leonardt formed D. Leonardt & Co in Birmingham, England, known to be the first manufacturing town in the world. With over 3,000 employees, they were know worldwide as one of the go-to companies for nibs. 

The Eureka Pen: After their father’s passing, Charles and Alvis Leonardt continued to grow the company, becoming penmakers for the Kings of Europe. The worked with Hezekiah Hewitt, a renowned inventor to create the “Eureka Pen,” which is now known as a ball-pointed pen.

Over the Years: D. Leonardt & Co continued to grow and merge with other companies over the next 100 years. The company continued their work throughout World War I and II, and merged with other pen companies to combine their knowledge and expertise in the industry, 

Manuscript Today: In 1980, the company restructured forming Manuscript Pen Company, which focuses on calligraphy products and fountain pens. Throughout all this time, Manuscript has remained a fixture in the calligraphy community and founded World Calligraphy Day, which will be celebrated August 14 of this year!

Manuscript manufactures some of our most popular items! Keep reading to learn more about them. 


Leonardt’s range of Poster nibs are available in point sizes 4mm-15mm. This range of nibs can be used for creating bold lettering, traditionally used in the creation of borders and posters.


Leonardt’s range of pointed nibs are among the most favourite nibs for Copperplate, Spencerian and Modern Calligraphy.

EF Principal Nib, an extra fine nib suitable for both Copperplate and Spencerian writing styles.
Hiro 41 crown Nib, a fine nib suited to Copperplate writing
Hiro 40, Shorthand Nib: very flexible nib. * Also known as the Blue Pumpkin!


An Ornamental Nib and Reservoir, right oblique calligraphy nib with a top loading reservoir. Available in point sizes 0.5-4. Bronze finished.

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