Hiro Poster Nib

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N13. Hiro Poster Nib.

Use these nibs for large, bold writing. These nibs fit in most standard holders.

Please choose size:
4mm - slightly over 1/8"
5mm - approx. 3/16"
6mm - slightly less than 1/4"
8mm - approx. 5/16"
10mm - approx. 3/8"
15mm - approx. 9/16"

For the holders with the metal rings and four prongs: as you insert the nib into the holder, make sure that one edge of the arc of metal is in the gap of the ring.
Does not fit in the Century Turned and the Brause Double Ended Holders, or holders for smaller and crowquill nibs.

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Hiro Poster Nibs set of 6
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