Hunt 101 Nib

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Hunt 101 Imperial.

A very steady and durable nib, the Hunt 101 is a great choice for projects that require larger writing with x-heights above 1/4". It can be used on most paper surfaces, though it can have a tendency to catch on the upstroke when used on a rougher surface. The Hunt 101 requires firm and deliberate pressure to open swells, while its strength and steadiness makes it an ideal selection for student practice. Bronze finish.

For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

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I like it
Mar 17, 2012  |  By Marty
I'm new to writing with pointed nibs and still working through some beginner problems, but I have found this nib to be one of the favorites out of my small collection. This is my "learning" pen and it's taught me a lot so far.

Great service
Aug 21, 2018  |  By luisito miclat
I will comment about the actual nib when I get it but let me tell you that the people who work here are awesome. If you guys are reading this, thanks haha xD