Hunt 513EF Nib

Item Code: N98


N98. Hunt 513EF Nib / Globe.

Extra fine bowl pointed nib. Fairly stiff, little flex. Use for mono-line lettering or less-stressed Modern Calligraphy styles. Not suitable for Copperplate or Spencerian.

For more information about Hunt pointed nibs, click here.

- Made in USA
- Gray Steel finish
- Stamped on Nib: HUNT / GLOBE / BOWL POINTED / U.S.A. / 513 EF

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Best for Monoline Scripts
Nov 17, 2021  |  By Anne
This nib is smooth writing and has a large reservoir so you don't have to dip so often. But it has little flex, so don't use it for Copperplate--it just won't work. I recommend it to those who are learning handwriting without stressed strokes, such as what is called business writing or Michael Sull's American Cursive Handwriting, which is very similar.