Harvest Crittenden - Private Online Classes

Click HERE for more info about private online classes with Harvest Crittenden.
John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Private Lessons Online with Iampeth Masterpenman Harvest Crittenden.
Subjects Harvest teaches:
  • Simple Spencerian (done with a ballpoint pen, a great fit for kids!)
  • Beginning Spencerian (with pointed nib)
  • Advanced Spencerian
  • Spencerian Sparklers
  • Engrossers Text (Angelo Rassu's style, Zanerian Manual contributor)
  • Beginning Flourishing
  • Advanced Flourishing
  • White Vine Illuminated Borders
  • Historic Vining Illuminated Borders
  • Repeating Patterns Borders
  • Modern Illuminated Initials
  • Historic Illuminated Initials