Beginning Spencerian


-Nikko G (N113) or Zebra G (N118) nibs are recommended for beginners. More advanced students may prefer to use a more flexible nib.
-An oblique penholder (H114) is recommended. If left-handed you may prefer to use a straight penholder depending on the amount of hook when you write.
-McCaffery's black ink (I37) or Old World Iron Gall ink (I116).
-Good quality translucent layout paper, Borden & Riley (P09), Canson (P45), or Claire Fontaine (P36).
-a mechanical pencil .5 with extra lead (PL21 & PL22).
-a red pencil (S818).
-a kneaded eraser (E09).
-Viva paper towels and something to clean your nibs (S817).