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Brush Lettering

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DVD51. Lively Brush DVD & Book / Holliday & Reaves
The Lively Brush: Pointed Brush Instructional DVD & Alphabet Models by Eliza Holliday and Marilyn Reaves. DVD & 22-page book.

Presents lettering techniques for pointed brush lettering . Includes traditional models and unique scripts for craft and fine art applications. Suitable for beginners as well as more advanced lettering artists. From the authors of Brush Lettering, it is full of practical information.

Free Media Mail Shipping to USA addresses. If you need the book sooner, there will be a $3 rush ship charge added to your order. Media Mail generally takes upwards of 2 weeks or more to be delivered.

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B3778. Script Fonts / Geum-Hee Hong
B3778. Script Fonts by Geum-hee Hong. (2010) 2016. 496pp. 5.8x8.8.

This collection of over 330 typefaces includes multiple examples of elegant Italian & French cursives, wonderful copperplate scripts and casual marker-fonts, plus expressive handwriting, free-style, flamboyant brush, and swash types. In the mix are fonts from well-known foundries as well as new designs from current designers. Presents full fonts. Similar to the popular Fraktur mon Amour. Unlike that book, this one has two to four lines of words, so you can see how the type looks as text. Includes CD for Mac & PC with 122 fonts for you to use. Published earlier under the title of Brush 'n' Script.

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B1638. Brush Lettering / Schulte & Reaves
Brush Lettering.
By Eliza Schulte (Holliday) & Marilyn Reaves. Second edition 2006. 128pp. 8.5"x11". Paper

This complete how-to guide for both chisel edged and pointed brush lettering demonstrates how to use brushes & how to clean and care for them.Model alphabets are provided. Full of examples of brush lettering from a variety of masterful scribes. One of our bestselling titles.

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B4015. Brushstroke and Free-Style Alphabets / Solo
B4015. Brushstroke and Free-Style Alphabets by Dan X. Solo. 108pp. 8.25"x11". Paper

This book provides 100 outstanding brushstroke and freestyle alphabets in one easy-to-use volume. Use these as model alphabets for brush writing or, as Mike Kecseg recommends, for the pointed pen.

The emphasis is on freestyle, while the fonts take on a diversity of form: upright, lightface, Japanesque, slanting, bold, delicate, even, uneven, Hinduesque, thick, straightforward, informal, and many more. Includes number sets and special symbols.

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B2351-P. Formal Brush Writing / Kemp
Formal Brush Writing.
By Tom Kemp. 1999. 272pp. 8.5"x11". Paper.

*Limited Stock - Shelfworn*

A thorough instructional book on making Trajan capitals. The first 50 pages cover tools, materials, and practice,
discussing -- in detail -- brushes, how to hold and use them. The next section covers each of the letters with detailed sequential drawings of the brush making the letter. The final
section takes you a step further presenting variations,
enlarging and reducing the scale of the Trajan letters, as well as widening and narrowing the letters.

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B4150. Mastering Brush Roman Capitals / Stevens
B4150. Mastering Brush Roman Capitals by John Stevens. Approx 128pp. 8.5"x11". Spiral-bound, Paperback

Pre-publication price: $27.50 and free media mail shipping (USA only) on orders placed through 6-30-2018.
Publication date has not been set. It may be up to a year (or more) before the book ships. While the publication date has not yet been set, you can reserve your copy now and take advantage of the pre-publication offer. Your credit card will not be charged until shortly before the book ships. If you wish to use PayPal and delay your payment, you must email your order directly to rather than ordering on the John Neal Books website.

In this practical book, John Stevens shares his brush knowledge and provides exercises developed and refined over many years of teaching brush lettering workshops. This is a progressive program of instruction that leads to classic Trajan Capitals – and beyond. He introduces you to the brush and how it contrasts with the pen. Brush techniques follow, where you learn how to prepare, hold, and load your brush. Brush dynamics are discussed as you make your first strokes. You learn how the brush moves when you change angles and make curves and other turns. You get to know the broad brush better with a first alphabet, Neuland. You learn basic strokes, joins, and special strokes. You explore texture and rhythm. From the angular Neuland, you move on to a rounded Roman Capital form. Then from that alphabet, you move to extensive instruction for the Trajan letterforms, including a full-size exemplar alphabet spanning 27 pages. Final chapters take your letters into words and works, cover other alphabets and variations and present a gallery full of inspiration.

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B4155. Creative Lettering Workshop / Riley
B4155. Creative Lettering Workshop: Combining Art with Quotes in Mixed Media by Lesley Riley. 2015. 144pp. 8.25"x11". Paper

This how-to book guides you through a variety of mixed-media techniques for adding words and phrases to complement your art. The 24 projects encourage you to explore your visual vocabulary through stamping, image transfers, stenciling and much more. You are introduced to many techniques and tools for handmade letters. The letters used for the quotes in the projects vary from calligraphic, casually hand-lettered, and just handwriting, to digitally produced and to stamped, rubbed, stickered, and pasted on. Includes an inspiring gallery of artists who share their own tips and tricks for creatively working with their favorite quotes. The emphasis is on combining words and image, rather than fine lettering.

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K114. Brush Lettering Kit
K114. Brush Lettering Kit

This kit includes the book/DVD combo 'The Lively Brush' and 3 Pentel Colorbrushes (Black, Sepia and Turquoise), along with a JNB Grid Pad.

The Lively Brush: Pointed Brush Instructional DVD & Alphabet Models by Eliza Holliday and Marilyn Reaves. DVD & 22-page book.

Presents lettering techniques for pointed brush lettering . Includes traditional models and unique scripts for craft and fine art applications. Suitable for beginners as well as more advanced lettering artists. From the authors of Brush Lettering, it is full of practical information.

***If you prefer different colors of the ColorBrush, please indicate in the "special shipping instructions" when you check out.

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B4190. Brush Pen Lettering / Song
B4190. Brush Pen Lettering: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Learning Decorative Scripts and Creating Inspired Styles by Grace Song. 2017. 128pp. 7.5"x9.5". Paper

This brand new instructional manual provides stroke-by-stroke instruction for beautiful brush lettering based on pointed pen scripts. You learn which brush pens are the best and basics like grip and pressure. The exercises and drills teach you the strokes and improve your skills. You learn how to embellish your letters with highlights, shadows, layering, two ombre methods, and blending, and then how to add character to your lettering with changes to slant, spacing, loop size, baseline bounce, and flourishing for traditional or modern calligraphy. Next you put it together with lessons on layout and DIY projects. Great for those new to calligraphy or just new to pointed brush calligraphy.

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B3959. Script Lettering and Design / Schneider
B3959. Script Lettering and Design: Anywhere, Anytime, and on Anything by Linda Schneider. 2017. 8.5"x11".

This book has not yet been published. Order now and we will notify you when the book is available.

Don’t limit your script repertoire. Like the pointed pen, the pointed brush makes a wider stroke with pressure. In this instructional manual, Linda Schneider shows how you can write Spencerian and Copperplate with a pointed brush marker (or a brush). Create beautiful and colorful script letters anywhere, anytime without having to deal with liquid ink. One section covers brush-written ornamental flourishes. Linda’s favorite brush markers for script are Pitt Brush Pens (M43, M43-LS, M43-LS2) and a Pentel Sign Pen (M97).

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