David Grimes

David Grimes is a calligrapher and designer from Portland, Oregon who specializes in Engrosser's Script calligraphy. He has taught dozens of workshops and classes both in the United States and Internationally since 2015 which have received accolades from colleagues and students alike.

David's approach to Engrosser's Script is modular by nature and derived from the concept that each small skill learned will eventually contribute to an overall excellence in script. His detailed approach is devised from the study of historical work of prolific American penmen such as Charles Norder, Willis Baird, and Earl Lupfer.

David's online training course, Dreaming In Script, is the first Engrosser's Script program of its kind and details the meticulous and beautiful hand over 95 individual lessons broken up into twelve distinct sections. To find the materials that David recommends for both his in-person classes and the online course, see below.

Class supplies for David Grimes' class Dreaming In Script
  • Dual Use Workshop Holder (Oblique + Straight) (H129)
  • Hunt 101 Nib (N77) X10
  • Clear Plastic Grid Ruler with Metal Cutting Edge (S871)
  • Walnut Ink Crystals (S449)
  • Small Screw-Top Dinky Dip (S934)