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Illuminated Manuscripts Illumination Instructional Illumination Books on Sale
Celtic Gilding & Illumination DVDs Society for Creative Anachronism

B3832. Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts / Brown
Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts: A Guide to Technical Terms by Michelle P. Brown. Revised Edition 2018. 128pp. 6.25"x9.25". Paper

What is a historiated initial? What are canon tables? What is a drollery? This book offers definitions of these and numerous other techniques, processes, and materials used in medieval illuminated manuscripts. The concise and easy-to-understand explanations of terms have been updated to reflect current research and technologies. With its numerous color illustrations, this volume will be invaluable to your understanding and enjoyment of illuminated manuscripts.

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C73. Bedford Hours Note Cards
The Bedford Hours: A Medieval Masterpiece. Notecards.

Each card reproduces a miniature from the Bedford Hours, one of the most magnificent illuminated manuscripts of the 15th century. In the four Biblical scenes in this assortment, Building the Ark, The Garden of Eden, After the Flood, and The Tower of Babel, the participants are clothed in Renaissance garb.

Fulll-sized note cards (6.75" x 4.75") in a keepsake box with envelopes. 20 cards, 5 each of 4 different designs.

$14.95. SALE $9.95.
2/$8.95ea 3/$7.95ea (same or assorted)

Your Price $14.95

DVD49. Gilding & Painting the Illuminated Letter DVD / Buczek
Gilding & Painting The Illuminated Letter by Rosemary Buczek. 90 min. DVD

Rosemary takes you from start to finish in the creation of a beautiful illuminated letter. Step-by-step, she shows and clearly describes the process and techniques. She shows you how to use a modern size to adhere the 23k gold, and then you see up close the intricate painting techniques - with both watercolor and gouache - used to complete the letter. Includes creating design elements with a stylus in the raised gold. Rosemary is a popular teacher at both the summer conference and at the IAMPETH convention. Rosemary has been creating commissioned works in pen and ink, watercolor and 23k Gold for over 30 years.

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These reviews of Rosemary Buczek's new DVD, Gilding and Painting the Illuminated Letter come from recent purchasers. They are in response to a request for comments. Her first DVD was Drawing & Painting the Magical Acanthus Leaf. Rosemary has supplied a list of tools and materials that she used in video. Here is the link. - John

We also have a list of all the supplies Rosemary uses in the DVD

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DVD41. Drawing & Painting the Acanthus Leaf / Buczek
Drawing and Painting the Acanthus Leaf Video. Rosemary Buczek. Approx 120 minutes

Covers the basics elements of drawing and painting the Acanthus Leaf. In three segments, Rosemary approaches a basic level for beginners, an intermediate level, and an advanced level of drawing and painting this leaf. Additionally, she includes a set of patterns for you to download. Rosemary Buczek has taught illumination at both the summer calligraphy conference and the IAMPETH convention.

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(USB) Flash Drive

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B135-H. Historical Scripts / Knight
B135-H. Historical Scripts: From Classical Times to the Renaissance by Stan Knight. 112pp. 9"x12". Hardcover.

An indispensible resource for the study of historical hands. Stan has selected the best examples for Rustic Capitals, Square Capitals, Uncials, Half-Uncials, Caroline Minuscules, Gothic Scripts, Versals, Renaissance Roman and Italics - total of 56 different inscriptions and manuscripts! Enjoy the book with its excellent visuals as it presents the history and developments of the hands. And, if so inclined, use the book to study the forms and replicate with pen and ink. For each manuscript, Stan provides an enlarged section (for letterforms), the full page (for page design), and an actual-size sample (to show you rhythm and letter & word spacing). The perfect complement to Sheila Waters' Foundations of Calligraphy.

The revised and enlarged edition (1998) of this valuable resource. Forward by Ewan Clayton. Includes a helpful glossary and extensive bibliography. Stan Knight is an internationally recognized lettering artist, teacher and author. He is a fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators.

Your Price $39.95

DVD14. Gilding for Calligraphers DVD
Gilding for Calligraphers.
By Sally Mae Joseph (Sally Teague), one of the scribes working on the St. John's Bible.

Selecting and preparing vellum, slaking plaster and making gesso, gilding using loose leaf gold, preparing gum ammoniac and gilding with transfer gold, painting with shell gold and color. 130 minutes.

All our DVDs are made to run on USA and Canada machines. If you live outside North America, you should check with the manual for your machine to see if it can play NTSC format DVDs. If your DVD player can’t play our DVDs, your computer may be able to.

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B2179. Nature Illuminated
Nature Illuminated: Flora & Fauna from the Court of Emperor Rudolph II 1997. 64pp. 7.25" x 5.25". Hardcover

The court of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II produced nothing more amazing than the Mira calligraphiae monumenta, a brilliant demonstration of two arts--calligraphy and miniature painting. The project began when Rudolf's predecessor, Ferdinand I, commissioned master calligrapher Georg Bocskay to create a model book of calligraphy. A preeminent scribe, Bocskay assembled a vast selection of contemporary and historic scripts.

Years later, at Rudolf's behest, miniaturist Joris Hoefnagel filled the spaces on each manuscript page with insects, fruits, flowers, and other botanical images. The combination of word and illustration is rare and, on its tiny scale, constitutes one of the marvels of the Central European Renaissance.

Nature Illuminated reproduces forty-one pages from the original codex. Those who love and collect beautiful books will be endlessly fascinated by Hoefnagel's imagery and invention. The accompanying commentary identifies and explains the details of Hoefnagel's exquisitely crafted illuminations.

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DVD16. Modern Gilding for Calligraphers DVD
Modern Gilding for Calligraphers.
By Sally Mae Joseph (Sally Teague), one of the scribes working on the St. John's Bible.

Curing and cutting quills; using quills and metal pens on paper and vellum; writing with gesso; using brushes on fabric; combining traditional and modern sizes; and laying looseleaf, transfer, shell gold, & platinum on vellum, paper & fabric. 70 minutes.

All our DVDs are made to run on USA and Canada machines. If you live outside North America, you should check with the manual for your machine to see if it can play NTSC format DVDs. If your DVD player can’t play our DVDs, your computer may be able to.

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B2787. Bible of Illuminated Letters/Morgan
The Bible of Illuminated Letters: A Treasury of Decorative Calligraphy by Margaret Morgan. 2006. 256pp. 5.75" x 7.75". Hidden spiral hardcover.
Retail Price $24.99.

Step-by-step instructions for creating 12 illuminated alphabets, including Celtic, Saxon, Gothic, Romanesque and Modern Revival. Both caps and minuscules are presented along with borders and decorations. Gilding is also covered. Gallery of historical and contemporary illuminated letters. More than 400 color illustrations.
Published as Illuminated Letters: A Treasury of Decorative Calligraphy in the U.K.

Your Price $24.99

B2578. Materials & Tech of Medieval Paint
The Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting by Daniel V. Thompson. 239pp. 5.5"x8.5". Paper.

Recommended by Sheila Waters in her illuminated initials workshop. Excellent introduction for illuminators and painters. Cover carriers and grounds, including the different types of surfaces used and their preparation. Followed by a section on binding media consisting of binding methods and vehicles, their viscosity and transparency effects, and the pros and cons of different binding media, glazes and varnishes. Gives a classification of medieval pigments divided into smaller sections for each main color. Includes pigment mixing, reaction, permanence problems, confusion of identification, and history. Metals are also discussed, including types of gold media and gilding methods. Essential for anyone interested in the building blocks of medieval painting.

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