Sandra Wright

Sandra Wright is a calligrapher and instructor with 40+ years of experience. Co-founder of the Scribes of Central Florida and most recently the new Ocala Calligraphy Guild. She conducts classes and workshops throughout the state of Florida.
Her website:
Supplies for ITALIC & UNCIAL. Classes:
  • (FP67) Pilot Parallel Pens (3.8 & 2.4)
  • (P69) Gilbert Bond Paper 24lb / 25% Cotton (8.5x11)

Supplies for Copperplate Workshop:
  • (H23) Speedball Oblique Pen Holder
  • (N113) Nikko G Nib (1)
  • (N118) Zebra G Nib (1)
  • (N143) Leonardt G Nib (1)
  • (N77) Hunt 101 (2)
  • (S276) 1 oz. Glass Jar with lid
  • (I70) Moon Palace Sumi Ink
  • (P25) JNB Practice Pads 8.5x11 or (P01-8) Copperplate Graph Pads 8.5x11