Suzanne Cannon - Beginning Italic Calligraphy - Ongoing

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Beginning Italic Calligraphy
With Suzanne Cannon

The Italic Hand is exquisitely beautiful and has withstood centuries to remain one of the favourite broad-edged hands today. Its twisted ribbon shapes are flowing and elegant and completely irresistible! 

This class is beginner friendly - yet perfect for the calligrapher who wants a solid letterform tune-up.

You may have already tried calligraphy and found how many things can go wrong when you're starting out. I've taken all the frustration out of the tools you'll work with, so you can concentrate completely on making beautiful letters.

  • You'll use easy-to-get tools for practice. We'll save the fancy ones for a follow-up class!
  • The course is broken down into simple lessons that make perfect sense.
  • You have lifetime access to the course so you can return for a tune-up at any time. It will be easy to pop back into the right spot when you return for a review.
  • You'll learn the basic minuscule forms (that's the lower-case letters) and the majuscules (those are the capital letters).
  • You'll learn spacing, punctuation and numbers - why are those numbers so awkward?
  • You'll gain loads of information, tips and techniques in short digestible lessons.
  • There are over 5 hours of instruction - and did I mention the lifetime access?

Have questions?  Feel free to contact me through my website

Cost: $125 CAD
This is a pre-recorded class available anytime with lifetime access.
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