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Lettercarving Tools

S799. Lettercarving Chisel - Univers
Univers Lettering Chisel

Univers** Hard &Tough Carbide. Recommended by Tom Perkins for his lettercarving workshop at Cheerio. For marble, slate, and granite. Tungsten carbide tipped.

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4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm,

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B2526. Lettercutting in Stone/Grasby
Letter Cutting in Stone
By Richard Grasby. Revised ed. 2002. 160pp. 8.25"x11.75". B/W Illust. Paper spiral.

This book is currently in the process of being reprinted and will be available in late March/early April 2018. Preorders are encouraged, if you pay by credit card you will not be charged until the book is in stock.

A thorough practical manual on cutting letters in
stone. Includes tools, workspace & equipment, cutting
exercises and practice strokes, cutting letters in
stone, carving raised letters, design, and siting.
Highly recommended. Full of illustrations.

Lettercarving, Lettercutting, Letters in Stone, Carving Letters in Stone, Slate inscriptions, Letter cutting in Stone, English letter carvers.

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B2610. Letters Slate Cut 2nd Edition
Letters Slate Cut: Workshop philosophy and practice in the making of letters - a sequel By David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Cardozo. Second Edition. 1990. 7.5" x 10". Paper.

A practical instructional manual plus a gallery of 57 of David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Cardozo’s letter carvings. A "sequel" to the original 1981 edition. Thirty of the pieces in the gallery were not in the earlier edition. Color cover, black and white interior.

Lettercarving, Lettercutting, Letters in Stone, Carving Letters in Stone, Slate inscriptions, Letter cutting in Stone.

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B2914. Art of Letter Carving in Stone/Perkins
The Art of Letter Carving in Stone
By Tom Perkins. 2007. 192pp. 8.5" x 11". Hardcover.

For the beginning and more experienced lettercutter, this how-to manual first covers the basics of letter carving, drawn lettering, and making simple designs in stone. It includes development of 20th-century letter carving; tools, materials, stone; making an easel; drawing a range of alphabets for use in letter carving; inscriptions, gilding, and painting letters; detailed instructions for V-incising the keystrokes of letters; designing headstones & plaques. Gallery of contemporary letter carvers’ work. 380 color photos and diagrams.

Lettercarving, Lettercutting, Letters in Stone, Carving Letters in Stone, Slate inscriptions, Letter cutting in Stone, English letter carvers.

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B3883-12. MRI Study 12: Dedicatory Inscription, Germanicus, CIL XIV. 83 / Grasby
Study 12: Dedicatory Inscription, Germanicus, Vatican. R.D. Grasby. 8.25"x11.63". Paper. (CIL XIV. 83)

Part of The Making of Roman Inscriptions series:
This study of Roman inscriptions delves into the Roman Monumental Capital (the inscription on Trajan’s Column is one example.) Both letter structure and carving are discussed for senatorial, dedicatory, and sepulchral inscriptions from Roman Britain, southern France, Italy & the Vatican. Richard Grasby is the author of Lettercutting in Stone.

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B4151. Art in the Alphabet / Day
B4151. Art in the Alphabet: A History of the Evolution of Hand Lettering by Lewis F. Day. 2016. 228pp. 5"x8". Paper

This grand compilation, originally published as Alphabets Old and New presents more than 250 depictions of the alphabet's changing forms, from handsome Roman letters cut in marble and delicate English courthand to sixteenth-century Greek initials and modern styles inspired by Gothic, Japanese, and other forms of writing. In addition to its intriguing survey of historical trends, this book also offers richly illustrated reflections on the artistic ability involved in rendering the alphabet. An introductory essay traces the evolution of the English alphabet, followed by a wealth of old alphabets arranged in order of date. Among the selection of modern alphabets are samples that offer evidence of how the surface - wood, stone, leather, mosaic - and the writing instrument - chisel, needle, brush, stylus, pen - can affect the character of the lettering. An assortment of ampersands and numerals concludes the volume, along with an index of illustrations arranged by artist, country, material and process, and style. Artists, graphic artists, historians, and anyone with an interest in calligraphy will appreciate the historic sweep and artistic range of this treasury of lettering.

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