About Us

Since 1981, John Neal Books has supplied calligraphers, lettering artists, illuminators, bookbinders, and papercraft enthusiasts from all around the world with the tools and materials they need for their craft and art. We also publish Letter Arts Review, a full-color journal on the lettering arts, and Bound & Lettered, a quarterly magazine on making books and making letters. We are a small company that is known for its friendly service and prompt shipping.

CALLIGRAPHY & ILLUMINATION: We stock all the basic items for beginners plus an extensive range of calligraphy tools and supplies for both broad-edged calligraphy and pointed-pen work (Copperplate, Spencerian, Modern), including pen nibs, penholders, inks and paints, calligraphy pens and brush markers, ruling pens, fountain pens, guidelines, and light pads - and so much more.

You'll find hard-to-locate calligraphy supplies such as Brause and Mitchell Nibs, oblique pen holders, gum sandarac, gum ammoniac, prepared vellum, ruling pens for calligraphy, and pointed nibs from France, Germany, Japan, and the USA. We stock a selection of good books (and videos) on calligraphy, illumination, pointed pen scripts, and more.

For the illuminator, we also stock gold leaf, burnishers, gesso, and a variety of sizes for flat and raised gilding, among other items.

BOOKBINDING: We stock basic bookbinding supplies, such as bookbinding needles, linen thread, and bone folders, as well as instructional books on bookbinding and ones about artists' books.

Our regular hours are 9:00am - 6:00pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday. During those hours, a person will answer the phone and take your order or answer your questions.
During other hours, you can leave a voicemail message with your order or a call-back request. Fax orders to 336-272-9015.
Of course, johnnealbooks.com is always open. Place an order, request a catalog, or check out our product help section.

We are a print catalog and eCommerce company. We are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving and may have limited hours on and around holidays.

Due to current circumstances, we are not currently open to walk-in customers, but you may call in your order for outside pickup, Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm EST.

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