Cheryl Tefft - Online Classes and Private Tutoring

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John Neal Books is not hosting these classes.

Cheryl Tefft is teaching her popular calligraphy classes online. She invites beginners to start with a four-course sequence designed for complete novices, which includes the following classes:

  1. Beginning Calligraphy I (Uncial)
  2. Beginning Calligraphy II (Italic)
  3. Mastering Dip Pens
  4. Beginning Copperplate

Together these four classes take students with little or no previous experience step by step through the complete process of becoming comfortable with a variety of lettering styles and tools and techniques.

Cheryl is also offering private tutoring online in all of the subjects she teaches:

  • Uncial
  • Italic
  • Dip Pens
  • Copperplate
  • Blackletter
  • Spencerian
  • Decorated Letters (many varieties)
  • Celtic Knots
  • Flourishing
  • Writing in the Round (writing in circles and spirals)
  • Pointed Pen Possibilities (variations using pointed pen)
  • Modern Calligraphy
  • Monograms
  • Continuing Copperplate
  • Layout & Design for Calligraphy
  • Addressing and decorating envelopes

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