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Inscape and Landscape

Inscape and Landscape

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Inscape and Landscape: Finding the Thread That Connects
Laurie Doctor

In-Person Class: Mabel Dodge Luhan House, 240 Morada Lane, Taos, NM, 87571
3/19/2023 - 3/25/2023
Class Time: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Adults only

What is the thread that connects something from your inner world with something particular in the New Mexico landscape? At Mabel’s we are situated next to the Pueblo, the place of the red willows, with a view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the smell of desert sage in blue uninterrupted sky. This is food for your inscape. How do you find the continuity between something in your inner world, and something particular in the landscape? Unexpected connections dramatically open perspective and the muse arrives. We will explore these ideas through words and poetry, story and image, writing, drawing and painting.

I will introduce one of my alphabets that is accessible to calligraphers and non-calligraphers alike. Having a secret writing system is one way to find words and images for your experience. We will make a book using ink, pencil, and watercolor for word, image, color, and texture.

The cost for the class includes a double room and all meals. All rooms have a private bathroom, and the meals are large and delicious. Single rooms are available for an additional fee of $395 for the week.

Class Cost: $3200

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Supply List:

**Pens & Pencils**

- Bring your favorite writing & calligraphy tools (brushes, pens, pen holders and found objects)

- Pen Nibs: Broad-edged nib: Speedball C-0 (N09); pointed nib: Gillott 404 (N74)

- White china marker (S916)

- Two fine-point pens: Pilot G-TEC-C4, size .25 or .3 (M08)

- HB, 2B, and 4B pencils (PL38)

- Pencil sharpener (S960)

- White eraser (E13)



- No. 4 pointed brush, or choose one or two within the range of size 1-4 (BR22)

- Cheap “paintbox brushes” or stencil brushes for mixing (BR43)

- One wide brush, three or more inches wide (cheap foam brush, house painting brush, or Japanese Hake brush)

- Containers for rinsing brushes (S1005)


**Ink, Paint, & Gouache**

- Walnut ink (walnut crystals are easy to pack) (S450)

- Transparent yellow iron oxide acrylic (two to four people can share a two-ounce tube of acrylic; Golden is the preferred brand)

- Windsor-Newton permanent white gouache (WNG1) or Dr. Martin’s bleedproof white (I38)

- Watercolors (red, yellow, and blue). (WNWC1, WNWC2, WNWC3, WNWC4)

As long as you have tubes of good-quality (not student grade!) watercolors in red, yellow and blue, you will have enough to play with. If you wish to try a new palette, and two versions of each primary color, I recommend the following colors (Daniel Smith colors are well saturated):Yellows: New Gamboge & Hansa or Lemon. Reds: Alizarin Crimson & Transparent Pyrrole Orange. Blues: Indigo and Ultramarine Blue.

- Containers with lids for ink

- Palette or small plastic cups (deeper wells are useful)



- Three sheets white Rives BFK paper: 22” x 30”; 250 gsm (PS91)

- One sheet Arches Text Wove: 20” x 25.5” (PS01)

- One sheet cover-weight paper for your book: 10” x 12” or larger; Arches Black Cover is one of my favorites (PS90)

- Tracing paper (P112)

- Notebook for taking notes


**Bookbinding Supplies**

- Embroidery or bookbinding needle (S213 (blunt))

- Glue stick (S391)

- Right triangle (S613)

- One spool linen thread, 2- or 3-ply (S826)

- Paper clips (about 6)

- Rubber band


**Other Supplies**

- Scissors (not necessary if flying with carry-on luggage)

- Metal ruler with cork backing, 12” or longer (S271)


**Optional Supplies**

(You do not need to bring these)


- Paper/collage scraps

- Water-soluble graphite pencils

- Water Soluble Graphite Crayon and or Block (Art Graf or Lyra)

- Other tubes of gouache or watercolor: Peach Black (Holbein) is a lovely matte black

- Colored pencils (PL05, PL38, PL2031)

- Mat knife and cutting mat (S504)

- Bone folder (S308)

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