5x7 Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Block

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P67. 5x7 Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Block

140lb (300gsm). 5"x7". 25 sheets. 100% rag, neutral pH, traditional warm white.

See Harvest Crittenden demonstrate its use in her video on gilding with Instacoll: Gilding with Instacoll by Harvest Crittenden

Great size for large illuminated initials or for travel. Recommended by Harvest Crittenden.

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Fabriano Artistico watercolor block
Dec 30, 2021  |  By Deborah Mintcheff
5 x 7 is my go-to size for most of my work. This is such a high-quality watercolor paper. My one tip would be that to easily separate the sheets of paper, gently pry them apart with a butter or cheese knife. They don't damage the paper as their edges are not too sharp.